Announcing Public Progress Board (Trello)

In the spirit of being very open and honest about the development of Startup Freak (and because I know it can provide some motivation for other developers out there) I’m opening up the Trello board I’ll be using to keep track of all tasks related to the game.


A couple of things to note:

  • For obvious reasons this is a read-only board for you.
  • I’ll be using the board for a very loose Scrum process (probably more “Kanban”?). While I would use something more formal for a team based project, for personal projects I find Trello’s simple interface ideal for keeping track.
  • Right now I have put some very high level items on the To Do list, which I’ll be breaking down into more granular pieces over time.
  • I may actually use the board for non-development tasks as well (e.g. marketing, sending out press releases, etc).


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