Game Events

I started this week by closing Unity and Visual Studio, and just running the game as a player. Every time I felt like something was off or stopping me from having a fun gaming experience I took a note. Here are some of the things I jotted down:

  • Can’t really tell there is progress unless backlog is open (need some sort of HUD)
  • UI windows should have close buttons and clicking outside them should just close the windows
  • Not sure what to do turn to turn. I’m just clicking “play” a lot. Need more feedback to the player on what’s happening
  • Getting no emails
  • Nothing in the store to buy (need more content)
  • Don’t have a good feel for the game loop (what motions should I go through in each turn)

It occurred to me that an important part of the reason turn to turn “feel” is not quite right is that there are currently no in-game events that affect player decisions and require their attention. So I have spent a bit of time on it this week. The events are quite simplistic at the moment, they are randomized, they can affect either your company (e.g. a security breach) or the whole industry (e.g. a market crash), and they have either a positive or negative impact on the customer funnel (visitors, signups and churn). Also each event can last for several turns.

The primary way you know about the occurrence of an event is an email in your mailbox, so I have been spending time in that area too. I think I need to allow images in the emails to keep things interesting.

Anyway, no screenshots this week, sorry. Will definitely put up something next week.

What’s Next

I’ll be fleshing out the event system, and then move on the the rest of the items in the list above. A lot of it comes down to creating some more user feedback (through UI or other creative means) and adding more content.





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