Background Parallex


The past week has been pretty hectic at work and so I haven’t made all that much progress with Startup Freak. I still want to keep up the weekly update though, so this will be a short one. This weeks I managed to:

  • Added simple mouse scrolling, and a parellex effect to the background which doesn’t look to bad. I might consider adding 2 levels of background for added interest.
  • Implemented a good chunk of “Move to a new office” functionality. I’m currently implementing a credit system, whereby any items you have previously purchased end up in the store as a credit, and you just need to select and place them.
  • As part of the above two I did a bunch of refactoring and code cleanup.

I suspect updates are going be fairly light while I try to clean up the build and get it into a state I can send out to people for play testing

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