Saying Goodbye is Hard!.. Not Really

The new core mechanic I’m introducing in the game is well and truly reshaping it, and as such is not leaving much room for some of the previous systems. So here is what hasn’t made the cut thus far (yes, there may be more casualties):

The Product/Sprint Backlog System:


To be fair this system isn’t going away in its entirety. It’s getting resurrected within a much more sophisticated, and frankly more fun system. The concept of sprints, and sprint backlog still exist, and a stripped down list of tasks will still be there which you can level up, and act mostly as means to unlock things in the game. I’m deliberately holding back on showing the new system, just because it needs much more fleshing out but I’m really excited about it and know that it’s definitely a move in the right direction. To the old task system I say:

So long, fair well…

Market Radar


The Market Radar was my first attempt at getting very abstract with startup concept. In some ways it probably came about because of the lack of things to do in the game. The new system indirectly supersedes this and therefore I think it will become more of a distraction and annoyance rather than a fun mechanic. Reluctantly I say:

So long, fair well…

Moving Forward

Being detached and cutting things from your creation is really hard, but I can’t think of anything more important in any creative endeavor, be it games, startups, art, music, cooking, etc.

Next up for me is to flesh out the new system and get back on track with getting an alpha version out. As always I’m keeping track in Trello


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