Development Update

Here is a quick update of what’s happening with startup freak:

What’s New:

  • Rob completed the first batch of art for the game and I’m stoked about it. It contains most of the environmental items such as city backdrops, office tile sets, clouds, skies and trees.
  • Most of the work on my end has been addition of code to support the new art. This includes:
    • support for texture atlases for arbitrary sprites in the level.
    • Automatic switching between High Def and Standard Def versions of textures depending on resolution.
    • A new shader for transitioning textures between seasons (I previously did color tint transitions, but for better results for things like trees I now use separate textures for each season).
    • Camera filter layers to give each season a better look and feel.
    • A new shader for internal office lights.
    • Some work around better “pixel perfect” rendering.
  • I have also started more seriously on the music for the game, starting with purchasing a relatively cheap Midi controller. It’s a fun change from coding, that’s for sure. I’ll write up a post about my tooling and process at some point.

What’s Coming:

Given it’s coming up to a year since I started this game, my biggest goal is to get the game into a beta state so that I can get some more feedback. There is still quite a bit to do though. Here is what I’m focusing on:

  • Add one or two win conditions to the game. This kind of mentally closes for me the idea that the game can be played and finished and is…well… a game.
  • The UI definitely needs an overhaul. Given my budget constraints around art, I’m going to attempt to do this myself by looking up various templates online.
  • Add in a bunch of content (offices, items, servers, etc) and re-balance until the game is playable again.
  • Work with Rob on the rest of the art. Still debating how much of it needs to be done before a Beta. Certainly before I can start getting some screenshots out I want to finish more of it. The remaining work includes:
    • Avatars for employees and investors, both the animated characters and UI icons
    • All the store items (furniture and so on)
    • More graphic heavy parts of the UI like icons.

The work continues 🙂

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