Some Interface, Some Beat, Some Twitch


I’m clearly running out of decent post titles. I figure it’s still better than Development Update #12038. Anyway things have slowed down a little as, well, life demands it. Nevertheless progress is being made. I’m also travelling over the Christmas period so updates may be more patchy but hopefully I’ll have some quiet time in January to really get rolling again. Here is what I have been up to:

The New UI

A good bit of my focus has been on revamping the UI. I really do feel out of my element here but I simply don’t have the budget to have all the UI custom made by someone else. So I’m just going to have to live with whatever I can come up with. My gut instinct has been to go with a darker, more grey and less colorful palette mainly because the game art itself is really colorful. I also did some experimentation with different styles of controls such as rounded corners, but in the end settled for sharper edges. I’m using Inkscape to create all the background/border art to give myself maximum flexibility when it comes to adjustments. Here are a couple of screenshots:


As you can see I have moved the tab headers to the left as vertical space is a lot more scarce. Keep in mind that the font is not finalized. I don’t think the UI looks terrible, but it certainly doesn’t look great. I’m still torn on the color palette and might try a few others. I also think with these particular windows I have too much textual data and need to add some more visuals (like skill bars instead of numbers). One thing is for certain: I’ll still need to out-source the icons. Really have no clue when it comes to that.


I have been mocking around with Reaper and tons of synths and samples (my new favorite is Purple 2). Basically I want to create a bunch of idea tracks, then pick the best 4-5 and flesh them out fully for the game. Here is one idea track which I kind of like (and obviously needs a lot of work):


I finally bit the bullet and had my ADSL internet connection replaced by cable. For those of you out there that are unaware of this, Australia is unfortunately the butt of every internet bandwidth related joke. My ADSL connection was getting me 4Mbps down/0.6Mbps up. Yes, this is in the 21st century. My new connection gets roughly 35Mbps down/1.1 Mbps up. It’s still far, far from anything you can get in many countries but it’s an improvement.

That’s all to say, even with that horrible upload speed it may just be enough to start doing some development on twitch. I have done some trials with OBS studio and the results are passable. I’m keen to try it for a little while and twitch once or twice a week. My twitch stream is:



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