Startup Freak Beta and Updates

This blog has a been a little quiet as of late but progress on Startup Freak continues. I have been streaming a little on twitch in the mean time though so far haven’t seen a lot of traction there in terms of viewership.

But I digress. My intention with this update is to announce that I have begun releasing weekly updates of Startup Freak as a Beta of sorts. I’m not advertising this widely as I want to get a bit more of the artwork done first, but I have been noticing more people ask me on twitch and elsewhere if they can play the game, and I want to stop making excuses not to show the game. That, and I do think putting it out there sooner is necessary if I’m ever going to release this.

You can download the betas here.

At this point the game is essentially feature-complete. I’m now focusing my efforts on:

  • Balancing the game
  • Adding content and art
  • In-game tutorial

Stay tuned.

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