Where are the Updates?

When I first started this blog my plan was to update it at least once a week. And I managed to do that for about a year, longer than I have ever stuck to blogging regularly. There are a couple of things that have changed in the recent months which have changed that:


Earlier this year I began streaming some of my development on twitch as an experiment and really wanting to start building a community. It has been slow going and I’m still trying to understand how it works and how to increase viewership (probably worth another post). Nevertheless it feels the time put into streaming ultimately gets more eyes on the game than a blog like this would do in an of itself.

Why People Come Here

I have been watching the traffic to this site, and the majority is either from Google search for something technical, or via something I have posted on reddit which again would be technical or otherwise useful to a game developer audience. My most successful post to date is Screen Space Gradient Shader with Dithering in Unity which comes up on the first page of Google results for Gradient Shader and gets many hits daily. What I’m getting at is that technical and tutorial style posts generate far more traffic than “hey here is an update of the game” type post at least while there isn’t much of a community around the game. Of course I doubt that kind of traffic would ever convert meaningfully for me however I still much prefer spending time on an article that’s going to help someone out regardless, than something that never gets looked at.

What’s Next?

Overall it’s apparent that the Mailing List, Twitch channel, and Discord are better channels for keeping people up to date and I’ll be focusing on those more. I’ll reserve blog posts for more elaborate technical or otherwise informative posts and so they’re going to be less frequent. Of course I’ll still be posting any major announcements here too.

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