You can get access to the current and all future beta, early access and final releases of the game by pre-ordering on You’ll also receive a Steam key once the game becomes available there. Be sure to give us your suggestion or bug reports via the trello board, or contact us directly.

Beta 0.6.0:

16 Feb 2018


Features and Improvements

  • Added two new markets, representing easy and hard difficulties. (Note: these still need to be balanced, so expect some rough edges).
  • Added 3 music tracks.
  • Added 12 Steam achievements (will become with available on Steam release).
  • Added support for localisation to the game (only English is currently available but the plan is to release other languages throughout Early Access).
  • Improved the game load performance.
  • Added summarised product metrics as a HUD to the backlog product view.
  • The player is now prompted to place their credited furniture after moving.
  • The player is now prompted to confirm when cancelling or deprecating features.
  • The candidate HUD UI now shows the maximum skill available for each skill type.
  • Server width information, as well as height, is now shown in the server selection UI.
  • When building tests, now the tech components are highlighted so it’s more clear where to build tests.
  • A more intuitive tooltip UI is added for tasks and feature upgrades, which replaces the click-and-hold input.
  • Added sprint notifications for feature upgrades.
  • Changed the Milestone C checkpoint text to be more accurate.
  • Added discord and twitter links on the title menu screens.
  • Updated the icons for offices.
  • The server selection / topology menus are now auto-collapsed when the data centre UI is opened.
  • Improved highlighting of several buttons when they first become available, including milestone checklist, upgrades, and sprint run.
  • The question mark in the investment mini game now glows on and off.
  • Added visual and audio feedback when placing down the market research radar.
  • Update the graphics for sliders.
  • Investor profile no longer displays their affinity directly. Player has to guess based on the portfolio alone.
  • Improved tutorial texts for product metrics.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Moving truck freezes if the investment UI is opened before the truck has left the scene.
  • Fixed: Notification bubbles on menu buttons freeze in position when the investment UI is opened.
  • Fixed: Context menu click registers through backlog side panels.
  • Fixed: Invisible requested features are click-able (when sprint is full an error is shown).
  • Fixed: Investor bonus string is not formatted correctly.
  • Fixed: Marketing area doesn’t unlock if the game is saved just after leveling up the first marketing task and then loading it again.
  • Fixed: Corrected tutorial text in investment mini-game.
  • Fixed: Sometimes both Inbox and Junk mailboxes are selected.


Beta 0.3.0:

12 Nov 2017

  • Added 23 new office furniture/items including new employee desks and computers.
  • All server placeholders have been replaced with shiny new art assets!
  • Market report now has hints for pricing.
  • Improved the presentation of the investor mini game. Note that the art is still placeholder, and will be replaced in the next release.
  • Added new investor profiles.
  • Added investment mini game tutorial.
  • Office items can now be moved after being placed.
  • Lots of bug fixes!


Beta 0.2.0:

10 Oct 2017

  • You can now build tests for you product, similar to performance and security features. Tests reduce the occurrence of bugs in adjacent tech components.
  • There is now a new Office and Supplies task (operations) which the player needs to level up to unlock offices and furniture.
  • Market Research Report is greatly enhanced and has a lot more useful information.
  • Increased the total number of random events to 30.
  • Added 25 new furniture/office items.
  • Added a title/main menu screen.
  • Added UI sound effects.
  • You can now change job candidate names.
  • Many more improvements, balancing, and bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.9:

3 Sep 2017

  • You can now research upgrades and upgrade features, as well as deprecate built features.
  • Added a per feature rating system which now determines user churn.
  • Major changes and improvements to investment mini-game.
  • You can now train employees.
  • You can now choose which marketing activities you want to unlock (rather than a pre-determined unlock path).
  • Added a high scores screen.
  • Improved player appearance and skill customization.
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.8:

21 Jul 2017

  • Added new characters with tons of randomization and new animations!
  • Improved data centers and made it more challenging.
  • Balancing improvements.
  • Improvements to the UI.
  • Lots of bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.7:

19 Jun 2017

  • Added description notes for all product metrics.
  • Added tutorials for performance and security features.
  • Added a tutorial for market research.
  • Added brief descriptions for each network topology.
  • Screen/background no longer scrolls when a UI is being displayed.
  • Added automatic crash / error reporting to a logging server.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when the player hires many employees.
  • Fixed some visual bugs related to dialog notifications.


Beta 0.1.6:

21 May 2017

  • Improved and simplified the tutorials for the early game.
  • Added a zooming transition for UI windows.
  • Shuffled some of the milestones, for example Market Research is now part of milestone A.
  • Added support for migrating game save files (will not apply to save files from previous Betas).
  • Lots of bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.5:

9 May 2017

  • Fixed a critical bug during game startup.
  • Improved and simplified employee UI.


Beta 0.1.4:

7 May 2017

  • Added a total of 10 server types, including a couple of “auto-scaling” servers.
  • Updated a bunch of place-holder icons and colors for tasks.
  • Re-introduced the concept of analytics. Currently it only unlocks “cost per visitor” in the marketing UI (at level 4). More to follow.
  • A whole lot of bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.3:

24 April 2017

  • Fixed several bugs in the product building view.
  • Added game options including resolutions and key binding.
  • Added support for character animations (currently only one character with walking animation).
  • Broke up the MVP into two milestones: MVP and Prelaunch.
  • New UI is now introduced progressively.


Beta 0.1.2:

9 April 2017

  • Random events no longer happen very early in the game.
  • Random events that have impacts to similar stats can no longer be active simultaneously.
  • Fixed several game save bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs related to different views of the product (security and performance).


Beta 0.1.1:

2 April 2017

Release Notes:

  • Balancing changes.
  • UI Performance improvement with moving and scrolling panels.


Beta 0.1.0:

27 March 2017

Release Notes:

  • Added a main menu to the game.
  • Added transitions for office move.
  • Store items now display their happiness boost.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to game saves.