You can download and try the latest Beta version of Startup Freak below. Be sure to give us your suggestion or bug reports via the trello board, or contact us directly. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Beta 0.1.8:

21 Jul 2017


  • Added new characters with tons of randomization and new animations!
  • Improved data centers and made it more challenging.
  • Balancing improvements.
  • Improvements to the UI.
  • Lots of bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.7:

19 Jun 2017


  • Added description notes for all product metrics.
  • Added tutorials for performance and security features.
  • Added a tutorial for market research.
  • Added brief descriptions for each network topology.
  • Screen/background no longer scrolls when a UI is being displayed.
  • Added automatic crash / error reporting to a logging server.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when the player hires many employees.
  • Fixed some visual bugs related to dialog notifications.


Beta 0.1.6:

21 May 2017


  • Improved and simplified the tutorials for the early game.
  • Added a zooming transition for UI windows.
  • Shuffled some of the milestones, for example Market Research is now part of milestone A.
  • Added support for migrating game save files (will not apply to save files from previous Betas).
  • Lots of bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.5:

9 May 2017


  • Fixed a critical bug during game startup.
  • Improved and simplified employee UI.


Beta 0.1.4:

7 May 2017


  • Added a total of 10 server types, including a couple of “auto-scaling” servers.
  • Updated a bunch of place-holder icons and colors for tasks.
  • Re-introduced the concept of analytics. Currently it only unlocks “cost per visitor” in the marketing UI (at level 4). More to follow.
  • A whole lot of bug fixes.


Beta 0.1.3:

24 April 2017


  • Fixed several bugs in the product building view.
  • Added game options including resolutions and key binding.
  • Added support for character animations (currently only one character with walking animation).
  • Broke up the MVP into two milestones: MVP and Prelaunch.
  • New UI is now introduced progressively.


Beta 0.1.2:

9 April 2017


  • Random events no longer happen very early in the game.
  • Random events that have impacts to similar stats can no longer be active simultaneously.
  • Fixed several game save bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs related to different views of the product (security and performance).


Beta 0.1.1:

2 April 2017


Release Notes:

  • Balancing changes.
  • UI Performance improvement with moving and scrolling panels.


Beta 0.1.0:

27 March 2017


Release Notes:

  • Added a main menu to the game.
  • Added transitions for office move.
  • Store items now display their happiness boost.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to game saves.