Vanity Metrics

For no reason other than fun I thought I would gather a few metrics from the game

Months in Development 6.07
Lines of Code 11483
Git Commits 264
Completed Trello Cards 91
Blog Posts 26

So what does it all mean? Absolutely nothing 🙂

Will have a more meaningful post next week…

Practical Unit Tests for Games

A little while ago I wrote an answer to a unit testing related question here on reddit which seemed to resonate with many. One of the points I made there was that testing, more than anything else, improves code design. Now it’s all good and well stating theories like that but an example goes a long way to show how this process might unfold. Here is a situation I ran into a couple of days ago which I think is worth sharing.

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Background Parallex


The past week has been pretty hectic at work and so I haven’t made all that much progress with Startup Freak. I still want to keep up the weekly update though, so this will be a short one. This weeks I managed to:

  • Added simple mouse scrolling, and a parellex effect to the background which doesn’t look to bad. I might consider adding 2 levels of background for added interest.
  • Implemented a good chunk of “Move to a new office” functionality. I’m currently implementing a credit system, whereby any items you have previously purchased end up in the store as a credit, and you just need to select and place them.
  • As part of the above two I did a bunch of refactoring and code cleanup.

I suspect updates are going be fairly light while I try to clean up the build and get it into a state I can send out to people for play testing