Art Inspiration for Startup Freak


Over the past 9 months, as I have been working on the game, I have always had the eventual art style in the back of my mind, trying to decide on a look and feel that might be appropriate. I have looked around many different sites like DeviantArt, and GameArtisans but ultimately found Behance to be the best source of inspiration for the type of art that I think would look good in the game. For better or worse a good portion of indie game developers and artists, at least those doing 2D PC games, are focused on pixel art which is something I have tried to stay away from.

Anyway in this post I’m going to share a few of the images and artists I have been inspired by. But before that, here is a quick update of what I have been working on as of late:

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Pre-Alpha Feedback


In the past 2 weeks a number of people, mostly friends and colleagues but also some complete strangers, have played the Startup Freak pre-alpha and have given me feedback. This was great in and of itself, but what has absolutely floored me is the length and detail of the feedback. I have had people write entire documents for me, have lengthy chats, and send me exact screenshots of the issues they are running into.

I’m still waiting for a few more, but so far a couple of themes have emerged which have really given me direction. Here they are: Continue reading