Unity Roadshow and Startup Freak Updates

unity-roadshowLast week I attended the Unity Roadshow in Brisbane, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Firstly there was very little information that went out besides the invites and a brief program. Of course I expected it to include some “advertising” of Unity, but not nearly as much as there was. Some great information was shared especially for Unity newcomers, but the event was definitely light on in-depth look at features. Here are some of the topics that were covered: Continue reading

Folks are Moving


I was getting pretty sick of staring at a static screen in Startup Freak. Sure, the movements and interactions of the employees with their environment in the game are purely cosmetic (their actual output and behavior is dictated by underlying statistics). But after all this is a game, and looking at numbers and UI gets old fast. Here is how the movement of employees works, at least in this first incarnation: Continue reading

Representing Bugs, and Shopping Store in Startup Freak


Did you really think I was going to miss weekly update? Well… technically I did, so I hope you’re happy. But it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of progress. Last week I wrapped up my first pass of the investment system, but the majority of my time was spent on the two areas: representing bugs in the game, and the shopping store:

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Building a Tech Tree Editor in Unity


In my previous post I mentioned wanting to build a tech tree of sorts for Startup Freak. This week I started to make a list of all the possible tasks that a software startup might tackle. It soon became clear that managing a long list like that in a text file is going to become a big burden especially if want to constantly tweak and balance the list and change the dependencies between them.

In this post I’ll talk about building a quick and dirty editor in Unity that generates a JSON file to be imported into the game, and why I subsequently ditched the whole concept. If you are not technically inclined, you may want to jump to that last bit.

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